7 Days Of Funk (Snoop Dogg & Dam Funk) - 7 Days Of Funk (2LP)

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"Snoop, recording as “Snoopzilla” as a conscious homage to the influence of Bootsy Collins, is in top laidback mode here, the self-assured smoothness that made him a star gliding along whether he's (serviceably) singing or (engagingly) rapping. Dâm-Funk's thing is revamping and renewing the classic synthesizer melodies, electronic basslines, and digital drums that coursed through funk both before and after they attached the “g-” to it, a triple-layered take on 80s electro-boogie, 90s West Coast hip-hop, and contemporary nu-funk that helps the music work on all these different levels. And with both artists' stated mission to do this project as a fuck-the-radio labor of love—home-recorded and assembled quickly, with a rush owing more to easy inspiration than stressful deadlines—the easygoing nature shines, even through the cuts that wax ambivalent about love or challenge rivals to step up."


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