Deftones - Ohms
Reed, Lou - Transformer
Track List: A1 Vicious 2:55 A2 Andy's Chest 3:17 A3 Perfect Day 3:43 A4 Hangin' 'Round 3:39 A5 Walk On The Wild Side 4:12 B1 Make Up 2:58 B2 Satellite Of Love 3:40 B3 Wagon Wheel 3:19 B4 New York...
Bowie, David - Diamond Dogs (50th Anniversary Edition/180G/Half Speed Master)
Track List: A1 Future Legend 1:00 A2 Diamond Dogs 5:50 A3 Sweet Thing 3:29 A4 Candidate 2:39 A5 Sweet Thing (Reprise) 2:32 A6 Rebel Rebel 4:21 B1 Rock 'N Roll With Me 3:54 B2 We Are The Dead 4:48 B3...
Puscifer - Global Probing Live (2LP/Metallic Silver Vinyl)
Track list: A1 Bread And Circus A2 Postulous A3 Fake Affront A4 The Underwhelming B1 Grey Area B2 Theorem B3 Upgrade B4 Apocalyptical C1 The Remedy C2 Personal Prometheus C3 The Humbling River D1 Bullet Train To Iowa D2 Vagina...
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