March 2020

March 15th:

 D.O.A. – Treason

March 16th:

 KEYAH/BLU  Sorry, I Forgot You Were Coming EP

March 17th:

 Nick AM  Utopia EP

March 18th:

 Hallows  Subtle EP

March 20th:

 Adam Lambert  Velvet

 Alicia Keys  ALICIA

 Ailocha  Naked

 The Animen – Same Sun / Different Light

 Arandel  InBach

 Arbouretum  Let It All In

 Art of Shock  Dark Angeles

 Áslaug  Áslaug EP

 Assembler Code  Generator EP

 Baxter Dury  The Night Chancers

 Becca Stevens  Wonderbloom

 Bray & the Dens  Stingray

 Brain Stem  Symptoms of Annihilation – Stage 2 EP

 Carla Olson  Have Harmony, Will Travel 2

 Caskets Open  Concrete Realms of Pain

 Chris Moyse  Bitter Ballads & Cynical Prayers

 Christian Paul  Christian Paul EP

 Circa Survive  Blue Sky Noise (Vinyl Reissue)r

 Circle Pit  Wicked Wicked Time EP

 Cocteau Twins  Garlands (Vinyl Reissue)

 Cocteau Twins  Victorialand (Vinyl Reissue)

 Conan Gray  Kid Krow

 David Clayton-Thomas  Say Somethin’

 Death on Fire  Ghost Songs

– Def Leppard  The Early Years 79-81

 Delta Rae  The Light

 Dio  Angry Machines (Reissue)

 Dio  Killing the Dragon (Reissue)

 Dio  Magica (Reissue)

 Dio  Master of the Moon (Reissue)

 The Dirty Knobs (feat. Mike Campbell)  Wreckless Abandon

 Donnie Castle  Donnie II

 Dozer  Call It Conspiracy (Reissue)

 Dozer  Madre De Dios (Reissue)

 dumama + kechou  juju

 Dylan Lawrence  Garden of the Ghosts

 Elliot Moss  A Change in Diet (The Remixes) EP

 Eliza & The Delusionals  A State of Living in an Objective Reality EP

 Embrace  The Good Will Out, Drawn From Memory (Vinyl Reissue)

 Embrace  If You’ve Never Been (Vinyl Reissue)

 Emmrose  Hopeless Romantics EP

 Escuela Grind  Indoctrination

 Evolution Eden  Audio Therapy

 Eye Flys  Tub of Lard

 Fool’s Ghost  Dark Woven Light

 Game Theory  Across the Barrier of Sound: PostScript

 Gaylord  Wings Of The Joyful

 Gordon Lightfoot  Solo

 Grateful Dead  June 1976

 Grave T  Silent Water

 Grift  Budet

 Half Hearted  Half Hearted

 HÄLLAS  Conundrum (Physical Release)

 Harold Mabern  Mabern Plays Mabern

 Haru Nemuri  Lovetheism

 Helen Money  Atomic

 Helion  The Great Fall

 Hell Obelisco  Cyclopian

 High Tone Son of a Bitch  Lifecycles: EPs of HTSOB

 Hyborian  Volume II

 Ian William Craig  Red Sun Through Smoke

 Irreversible Entanglements  Who Sent You?

 J Balvin  Colores

 James Righton (of Klaxons)  The Performer

 Jon Hassell  Vernal Equinox (Reissue)

 Juno Mamba  Light Echoes EP

 Kavorka  Internal Rituals

 Kelsea Ballerini  kelsea

 Kid Be Kid  Lovely Genders EP

 Låpsley  Through the Water

 Lili Refrain  Ulu

 Lost Legacy  Front Line

 Lyra Pramuk  Fountain

 Mac Miller  Circles (Deluxe Edition) (Digital Release)

 Mapache  From Liberty Street

 Marks  Endgame

 Mary Bridget Davies  Stay With Me: The Reimagined Songs of Jerry Ragovoy

 Mass Hysteria  Best Of Live at Hellfest

 Matt Wilson & His Orchestra  When I Was a Writer

 Medico Peste  ב : The Black Bile

 Mipso  Edges Re-Run EP

 Moaning  Uneasy Laughter

 Mute Duo  Lapse in Passage

 Myrkur  Folkesange

 Neck of the Woods  The Annex Of Ire

 Neorhythm  Terrastory

 No Raza  Transcending Material Sins

 Ockra  Infinite Patterns EP

 Onipa  We No Be Machine

 Paul Chin  Full Spectrum

 Pavey Ark  Close Your Eyes and Think of Nothing

 Pedro  Da Linha

 Phantom Posse  Forever Underground

 Prolaps  Pure Mud Volume 7

 QRTR  Drenched

 Raider  Guardian of the Fire

 Ratgrave  Rock

 Ravenscroft  See Through

 Ricardo Richaid  Travesseiro Feliz

 Roger Eno and Brian Eno  Mixing Colours

 Ruinas  Ikonoklasta

 San Mei  Cry EP

 Sea Wolf  Through a Dark Wood

 Skalpel  Highlight

 The Slow Readers Club  The Joy of the Return

 Social Animals  Best Years EP

 Sons of Disaster  Cursed

 Staghorn  Corvus IV

 Strange Majik  20/20

 Sure  20 Years

 Tenside  Glamour & Gloom

 Tethra  Empire of the Void

 TOKiMONSTA  Oasis Nocturno

 Tony Allen and Hugh Masekela  Rejoice

 Virocracy  Irradiation

 The Weeknd  After Hours

 Whoresnation  Mephitism

 The Wild  Still Believe in Rock and Roll

 William Wild  Push Ups

— Yael Naim  Nightsongs

 Yakima  Go Virtually EP

 Zebra Katz  Less is Moor

March 27th:

 5 Seconds of Summer  C A L M

 Activity  Unmask Whoever

 Ada Lea  Woman, Here EP

 Aeternam  Al Qassam

 Age of Emergence  The War Within Ourselves EP

 The Alan Parsons Project  Ammonia Avenue (Limited Edition Box Set)

 Allman Joys (feat. Duane and Gregg Allman)  Allman Joys (Reissue)

 Andy Williams  Emperor of Easy—Lost Columbia Masters 1962-1972

 Anna Ran  Desert Flower

 Andrew Weiss and Friends – The Golden Age of Love & Chemistry

 Angerot  The Divine Apostate

 Anthony da Costa  Feet on the Dashboard

 Aodon  11069

 Aveum  Multiverse

 BABii  iii EP

 The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol  Berserkir

 Basia Bulat  Are You in Love?

 The Beautiful Mistake  You’re Not Broken. I Am EP

 Bedouin  Whistleman EP

 Béla Fleck  Throw Down Your Heart: The Complete Africa Sessions

 Béla Fleck & Toumani Diabaté  The Ripple Effect

 The Birthday Massacre  Diamonds

 Black Vice  The Alchemist’s Vision

 Bloodhound Gang  Hooray For Boobies (Expanded Vinyl Reissue)

 Bon Iver  Blood Bank (10th Anniversary Edition)

 Brett James  I Am Now

 Burke Ingraffia  Waves

 Cable Ties  Far Enough

 Candlemass  The Pendulum EP

 C.A.R. – Crossing Prior Street

 Catholic Action  Celebrated By Strangers

 Cavetown  Sleepyhead

 Chams  L’Âme agit

 The Chats  High Risk Behaviour

 Chief State  Tough Love

 Clem Snide  Forever Just Beyond

 TheColorGrey  Overcome

 Coriky (feat. Ian MacKaye)  Coriky

 Crypt Dagger  From Below

 Cucina Povera  Tyyni

 Dakiniz  Raging Shouts

 Dana Gavanski  Yesterday is Gone

— Deleo  Unfair EP

 Deeper  Auto-Pain

 Depeche Mode  LiVE SPiRiTS

 Deranged  Deeds of Ruthless Violence

 Destroyer of Light  Generational Warfare EP

 Diarchy  Splitfire

 Duane and Gregg Allman – Duane & Gregg (Reissue)

 Ester  Turn Around

 Evan Uhlmann  Tea Lady

 Evritiki Zygia  Ormenion

 FACS  Void Moments

 Fassine  Forge

 Fatalisté  Mercurial Gaslighting

 From the Dust Returned  A Seven Days Long Wait

 Funky Chemist  Groove Generator

 Gerald Cleaver  Signs

 Ghédalia Tazartès  Diasporas (Reissue)

 Glass Museum  Reykjavik

 Gold Cage  Social Crutch

 Graceless  Where Vultures Know Your Name

 Grateful Dead  Road Trips Vol. 3 No. 2 Austin 11-15-71

 Great Electric Quest  Live From Freak Valley

 Grim Ravine  It’s A Long Way Down, To Where You Are

 Gundelach  My Frail Body

 Half Waif  The Caretaker

 Hans Zimmer  No Time to Die OST

 Happy People  Cassini, I’ve Been So Lonely EP

 Hayvanlar Alemi  Psychedelia in Times of Turbulence

 The Heavy Eyes  Love Like Machines

 Hour Glass (feat. Duane and Gregg Allman)  Hour Glass (Reissue)

 Hour Glass (feat. Duane and Gregg Allman)  Power of Love (Reissue)

 Igorrr  Spirituality and Distortion

 Imonolith  State of Being

 In This Moment  Mother

 Ingrid  Lady Like

 Innerlove  Fine By Me EP

 Iroquois  Be Content EP

 Isaac Aesili  Hidden Truths

 Jacaszek  Music For Film

 Jennah Barry  Holiday

 Jesse Daniel  Rollin’ On

 Jessi Alexander  Decatur Country Red

 Jessie Reyez  Before Love Comes to Kill Us

 Jill Andrews  Thirties

 Jim Andralis & The Syntonics  My Beautiful Enemy

 Jimi Hendrix  Band of Gypsys (50th Anniversary Reissue)

 Jordana  Classical Notions of Happiness

 Julia Marcell  Skull Echo EP

 Justin Hurwitz  Whiplash—Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Deluxe Edition

 KITE  Irradiance

 Knxwledge  1988

 Laila Biali  Out of Dust

 Lakecia Benjamin  Pursuance: The Coltranes

 Leif Coffield  monsta-san EP

 Lilly Hiatt  Walking Proof

 Linda Lavin  Love Notes

 Lisa Ramey  Surrender

 Little Dragon  New Me, Same Us

 The Little Hands of Asphalt  Half Empty

 Lizzy Farrall  Bruise

 Little Albert  Swamp King

 Loose Koozies  Feel A Bit Free

 Loose Sutures  Loose Sutures

 Loud Luxury  Nights Like This EP

 Loveblind  Sleeping Visions

 Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real  Naked Garden

 Lutharö  Wings of Agony EP

 Kandace Springs  The Women Who Raised Me

 Kim Richey  Glimmer With A Long Way Back: The Songs of Glimmer

 Magic Sword  Endless

 Magic Waters  Pinky Swear EP

 Mairena  Weird All the Time

 Margaret Glaspy  Devotion

 Marie Miller  Little Dreams

 Mark Erelli  Blindsided

 Mark Renner  Seaworthy Vessels Are in Short Supply

 Marlaena Moore  Pay Attention, Be Amazed!

 Martha Veléz  Friends and Angels (Vinyl Reissue)

 Matinee  Event Horizon

 Matt Karmil  STS371

 Me and That Man (Behemoth’s Negral) – New Man, New Songs, Same Shit, Vol. 1

 Michael Vallera  Window In

 Molchat Doma  Etazhi (Reissue)

 Molchat Doma  S Krysh Nashikh Domov (Reissue)

 Moodie Black  FUZZ

 Moon Destroys  Maiden Voyage EP

 Mr. Scruff  DJ-Kicks

 Nap Eyes  Snapshot of a Beginner

 The Necks  Three

 Neon Waltz  Huna EP

 The No Ones (feat. Peter Buck)  The Great Lost No Ones Album

 Ol’ Dirty Bastard  Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version

 Omega Infinity  Solar Spectre

 The Orb  Abolition of the Royal Familia

 Orion Sun  Hold Space For Me

 Oxyjane  Dreams

 Paris Hilton  Paris (Vinyl Reissue)

 Parkway Drive  Viva the Underdogs

 PartyNextDoor  PartyMobile

 Pearl Jam  Gigaton

 Pieces of Juno  Euthymia

 Porn  No Monsters in God’s Eyes – Act III

 Project Paradis (Mr. Carmack & Promnite)  Paradis 2

 Quentin Sauvé  Whatever It Takes (Reissue)

 Redd Kross  Phaseshifter (Vinyl Reissue)

 Redd Kross  Show World (Vinyl Reissue)

 Ringo Deathstarr  Ringo Deathstarr

 Roddy Woomble  Everyday Sun EP

 RUSH  Permanent Waves (40th Anniversary Reissue)

 San Cisco  Flaws EP

 San Fermin  The Cormorant I & II

 Sarah Peacock  Burn the Witch

 Scarlet Aura Stormbreaker

 Sea Offs  En Root EP

 She Luv It  She Luv It

 Simon Fisher Turner and Edmund de Waal  A Quiet Corner in Time

 Smoke Mountain  Queen of Sin

 Snotty Nose Rez Kids  Trapline

 Somni  Home

 Song Sung  I Surrender EP

 The Sonic Dawn  Enter the Mirage

 Sopwith Camel  The Miraculous Hump Returns from the Moon (Vinyl Reissue)

 Sorry  925

 Spirit Adrift  Chained to Oblivion (Vinyl Reissue)

 Stone Machine Electric  Stone Machine Electric

 Subtype Zero  Ceremonious Extinction

 Sufjan Stevens and Lowell Brams  Aporia

 Supermilk  Death Is the Best Thing for You Now

 Talk Show  These People EP

 The Tender Things  How You Make a Fool

 Tesla  Five Man London Jam

 Thomm Jutz  To Live in Two Worlds. Volume 1

 Tom Misch  Beat Tape 1 (Vinyl Release)

 Tom Sless  California Dream

 Torchia  The Coven

 Tzimani  Tzimani EP (Reissue)

 Vanessa Carlton  Love is an Art

 Velnias  Scion of Aether

 Vlad Holiday  Fall Apart With Me EP

 WAKE  Devouring Rain

 Wax Machine  Earthsong of Silence

 Waxahatchee  Saint Cloud

 Welicoruss  Siberian Heathen Horde

 Witchfinder  Hazy Rites

 WOORMS  Twitching

 WuW  Rétablir L’Eternité

 Young Man in a Hurry  Jarvis

 Yusuf / Cat Stevens  Matthew & Son (Vinyl Reissue)

 Yusuf / Cat Stevens  New Masters (Vinyl Reissue)

 ZhOra  Mortals

March 30th:

 Dawn of Ouroboros  The Art of Morphology

 The Mauskovic Dance Band  Shadance Hall EP

APRIL 2020

April 3rd:

 AARA  En Ergô Einai

 Ad Infinitum  Chapter I: Monarchy

 Alec Benjamin  These Two Windows

 All Time Low  Wake Up, Sunshine

 Anna Burch  If You’re Dreaming

 August Burns Red  Guardians

 Becker & Mukai  Time Very Near

 Beggar  Compelled to Repeat

 Benjamin Gordon  Where Did We Get Lost

 Beesus  3eesus

 Big Loser  Love You, Barely Living

 Billy Raffoul  A Few More Hours at YYZ EP

 Born Ruffians  Juice

 Borrowed Beams of Light  Do It Again

 Brett Newski  Don’t Let the Bastards Get You Down

 Bury Tomorrow  Cannibal

 Cabal  Drag Me Down

 Charmer  Ivy

 The Claudettes  High Times in the Dark

 Clams  Stone Lane

 CMON  Confusing Mix of Nations

 Comaniac  Holodox

 Commando  Love Songs #1… (Total Destruction, Mass Executions)

 Crisman  Crisman

 Delanila  Overloaded

 Devilskin  Red

 Drakonis  Blessed By Embers

 Drakulas (feat. members of Rise Against and Riverboat Gamblers) – Terminal Amusements

 Dua Lipa  Future Nostalgia

 Ellis  Born Again

 Emancipator  Mountain of Memory

 EMILE  The Black Spider / Det Collective Selvmord

 Empress Of  I’m Your Empress Of

 Errant  Errant EP

 Evan Caminiti  Varispeed Hydra

 Everything Is Recorded  Friday Forever

 Ezra Bell  This Way to Oblivion

 Faux Real  Faux Real EP

 Fire in the Radio  Monuments

 Gentle Giant  Acquiring the Taste (Vinyl Reissue)

 Gentle Giant  Gentle Giant (Vinyl Reissue)

 Gentle Giant  Octopus (Vinyl Reissue)

 Gentle Giant  Three Friends (Vinyl Reissue)

 Grayson Brockamp and the New Orleans Wildlife Band  A Dream or a Nightmare EP

 The Grizzled Mighty  Confetti Teeth

 Her Name Was Fire  Decadent Movement

 Hinds  The Prettiest Curse

 Hollow Ship  Future Remains

 Idioteq  Ego

 James Alexander Bright  Headroom

 James Elkington  Ever-Roving Eye

 Jeffrey Silverstein  You Became the Mountain

 Jon Stickley Trio  Scripting the Flip

 Joni Mitchell  Shine (Vinyl Reissue)

 Joviac  Here and Now

 King Shoji  Green House

 Kurt Elling  Secrets Are the Best Stories

 Lara Downes  Some of These Days

 Les Gordon  Altura

 Locate S,1  Personalia

 Logan Ledger  Logan Ledger

 Lucifer Star Machine  Devil’s Breath

 Loose Fit  Loose Fit EP

 Loviatar  Lightless

 M. Ward  Migration Stories

 Mara Connor  No Fun EP

 Melkbelly  PITH

 Mentrix  My Enemy, My Love

 Mick Harvey  Waves of ANZAC / The Journey

 The Monkees  The Mike & Micky Show Live

 Music Band  Celebration

 Nation of Language  Introduction, Presence

 Nduduzo Makhathini  Modes of Communication: Letters from the Underworld

 Nikki & The Phantom Callers  Everybody’s Going to Hell (But You and Me)

 Nina Simone  Fodder on My Wings (Resissue)


 P.O.E.  Of Humanity and Other Odd Things

 Pale Mare  II

 Parsonsfield  Happy Hour on the Floor

 Peel Dream Machine  Agitprop Alterna

 Picture One  Across the Depths of Seven Lakes

 Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs  Viscerals

 Pike & Sutton  Heart is a Compass

 Pure Reason Revolution  Eupnea

 Purity Ring  WOMB

 Push Puppets  A Boat of Lies and a House of Cards

 Ren Harvieu  Revel in the Drama

 Rick Wakeman & The English Rock Ensemble  The Red Planet

 Ritual Dictates  Give in to Despair

 Robbie Basho  Songs of the Great Mystery–The Lost Vanguard Sessions

 Ron Harvieu  Revel in the Drama

 Ruthie Collins  Cold Comfort

 Sam Hunt  Southside

 Sam Spiegel  Random Shit From the Internet Era

 Scott Hardware  Engel

 Seazoo  Joy

 Sepultura  Beneath the Remains: Deluxe Edition

 Snotty Nose Rez Kids  Born Deadly EP

 Søren Lorensen  Lake Constance

 Sports Team  Deep Down Happy

 Stefan Alexander  Cry Again EP

 Steve Baskin  Mind Your Step

 Steve Goodman  Live ’69

 Stu Larsen  Marigold

 Sydney Fate  Silicon Nitride

 Testament  Titans of Creation

— tētēma (Mike Patton and Anthony Pateras)  Necroscape

 Thievery Corporation  Symphonik

 Thundercat  It Is What It Is

 Ted Hearne  Place

 TOPS  I Feel Alive

 True Body  Heavenly Rhythms for the Uninitiated

 Unconditional Arms  Formation

 Various Artists  Cash Money: The Instrumentals

 Various Artists  Stone Crush: Memphis Modern Soul 1977-1987

 Vernon Jane  The Ritual of Love Making

 Villagers of Ioannina City  Age oapf Aquarius

 Vlossom  My Friend EP

 Violent Soho  Everything Is A-OK

 Vulture Party  Vulture Party

 Weed Demon  Crater Maker

 Western Centuries  Call the Captain

 Wilma Archer  A Western Circular

 Witch’s Wall  Witch’s Wall

 Witches of Doom  Funeral Radio

 Wray  Stream of Youth / Blank World

 Wu Fei & Abigail Washburn  Wu Fei & Abigail Washburn

 WVRM  Colony Collapse

 Yves Tumor  Heaven to a Tortured Mind

 Zolle  Macello

April 5th:

 The Frogs  1st

April 7th:

 Lola Young  Renaissance EP

 Tambino  Tambino EP

April 10th:

 Across the Swarm  Projections

 ADULT.  Perception is/as/of Deception

 AKA George  Bad For You EP

 Akurion  Come Forth to Me

 Ali Holter  Uncomfortable Truths

 Ambar Lucid  Garden of Lucid

 Aska  Firestarter

 Azusa  Loops of Yesterday

 BadGuySwim  Cowards

 Barrens  Penumbra

 BENIGHTED  Obscene Repressed

 Brant Bjork  Brant Bjork

 Brass Against  Brass Against EP

 Brian Dunne  Selling Things

 The Buttertones  Jazzhound

 Cadet  The Rated Legend

 Calligram  The Eye is the First Circle

 Christine Ott  Chimères (pour Ondes Martenot)

 Cochon Double  Bruxisme

 Connie Han  Iron Starlet

 Daniel McCagh  Altered States EP

 Do Nothing  Zero Dollar Bill EP

 Dool  Summerland

 Drain  California Cursed

 The Dream Syndicate  The Universe Inside

 The Earth Below  Nothing Works Vol 2: Hymns for Useless Gods

 Edoheart  For the Love EP

 Eerie Gaits  Holopaw

 Eliza Gilkyson  2020

 Ezra Furman  Sex Education OST (Physical Release)

 Fallen Arise  Enigma

 Fearing  Shadow

 Flat Worms  Antarctica

 Gladiators  Serious Thing (Vinyl Reissue)

 Grey Daze (feat. Chester Bennington)  Amends

 HellgardeN  Making Noise, Living Fast

 Her Chariot Awaits  Her Chariot Awaits

 High Priestess  Casting the Circle

 Jackie Lynn (Haley Fohr of Circuit des Yeux)  Jacqueline

 Jad Fair & Daniel Johnston  It’s Spooky (30th Anniversary Reissue)

 Joe Satriani  Shapeshifiting

 John Anderson  Years

 Jono Manson  Silver Moon

 Kalbells  Mothertime EP

 Lady Gaga  Chromatica

 Laurel Halo  Possessed Soundtrack

 Like Rats  Death Monolith

 Local H  Lifers

 Maddie & Tae  The Way It Feels

 Manatee Commune  Crescent Lake EP

 Megatherium  GOD

 Mental Disaster  The Repulsive Abomination

 Methyl Ethel  Hurts to Laugh EP

 Midwife  Forever

 Molasses Barge  A Grayer Dawn

 Nathan Kalish  Songs for Nobody

 People Years  Animalism

 Pokey LaFarge  Rock Bottom Rhapsody 

 Pottery  Welcome to Bobby’s Motel

 RED  Declaration

 Roberta Fleck  First Take (50th Anniversary Reissue)

 Roedelius  Selbstporträt Wahre Liebe

 Roedelius  Tape Archive Essence 1973-1978

 Romano Nervoso  The Return of the Rocking Dead

 Rotting Out  Ronin

 Satin Nickel  Shadow of Doubt

 Savak  Rotting Teeth in the Horse’s Mouth

 The Sleep Eazys (Joe Bonamassa)  Easy to Buy, Hard to Sell

 Sparta  Trust the River

 Spell  Opulent Decay

 Squarepusher – Lamental EP

 Steven Dayvid McKellar (of Civil Twilight)  ETHIO

 The Strokes  The New Abnormal

 Sunwatchers  Oh Yeah?

 Superhorror  Italians Die Better

 Thurlowood  Discontinue Normal Program

 Trace Mountains  Lost in the Country

 Trivial Shields  Levity EP

 Ultimate Fakebook  The Preserving Machine

 Van Dairen  Levee

 Vanessa Skantze  Writhing Treasure Feast

 Various Artists  Penrose Records Vol. 1

 Vasudeva  Generator

 Walking Rumor  Symbiosis

 Warm Digits  Flight of Ideas

 Watkins Family Hour  brother sister

 Wavves  King of the Beach (10th Anniversary Reissue)

 Wayard Dawn  Haven of Lies

 Whitephosphorous  Cruel and Unusual Punishment

 Why Bonnie  Voice Box EP

 Wolfheart  Wolves of Karelia

April 15th:

 Factor Chandelier  First Storm

April 17th:

 Aborted  La Grande Mascarade EP

 Abysmal Dawn  Phylogenesis

 Alec Lytle & Them Rounders  The Remains of Sunday

 Answering Machine  Bad Luck

 Billy Clubs  Strange Driving EP

 The Black Dahlia Murder  Verminous

 Blue Canopy  Mild Anxiety

 BULBUL  Kodak Dream

 Caspar Brötzmann Massaker  Home (Reissue)

 Claudio Conti  Frail Boats

 Collision  The Final King

 Daznig  Danzig Sings Elvis

 Datura4  West Coast Highway Cosmic

 David Foster  Eleven Words

 Dictator Ship  Your Favorites

 Die Wilde Jagd  Haut

 The Ditch and the Delta  The Ditch and the Delta

 Dutty Moonshine Big Band  City of Sin

 The Electric Mess  The Electric Mess V

 Enter Shikari  Nothing is True & Everything is Possible

 EOB (Ed O’Brien of Radiohead)  Earth

 Eric Hutchinson  Class of ’98

 Etherius  Chaos. Order. Renewal.

 Félix Rabin  Pogboy EP

 Girl Skin  Shade is on the other side

 Good Looking Friends  The Light of the Well

 Great News  Now and Them

 Gregory Porter  All Rise

 The Howling Hex (feat. Michael Hagerty of Royal Trux)  Knuckleball Express

 IGNEA  The Realms of Fire and Death

 Jarboe  Illusory

 Jarle Shavhellen  Northern Lights EP

 Jeff Beam  Jeff Beam

 Jerksin Fendrix  Winterreise

 John “Papa” Gros  Central Rain

 Juan Tigre  The Dream Catcher

 Khôra  Timaeus

 King Charles  Out of My Mind

 Kluster B  b

 The Last Bandoleros  Live From Texas

 Le Couleur  Concorde

 Leslie Mendelson  If You Can’t Say Anything Nice…

 Lido Pimienta  Miss Colombia

 Little Shrine  The Good Thing About Time

 Mac DeMarco  Here Comes the Cowboy Demos

 Mac Miller  Circles (Deluxe Edition) (Vinyl Release)

 Malena Zavala  La Yarará

 Matt Evans  New Topographics

 Myrath  Live in Carthage

 The National Parks  Wildflower

 Nick Mason’s Saucerful Of Secrets  Live At The Roundhouse

 Nicole Atkins  Italian Ice

 Ocean Chief  Den Tredje Dagen

 Paul Beaubrun  Rasanbleman

 Paul Burch  Light Sensitive

 Peggy Lee  Ultimate Peggy Lee

 Prince  The Rainbow Children (Reissue)

 Prince  Up All Night With Prince: The One Nite Alone Collection

 The Reverend Shawn Amos  Blue Sky

 Rina Sawayama  Sawayama

 RJD2  The Fun Ones

 Ron Sexsmith  HERMITAGE

 Roses & Revolutions  Under the Spell EP

 Sarah Siskind  Modern Appalachia

 Shabazz Palaces  The Don of Diamond Dreams

 Shelby Lynne  Shelby Lynne

 Sir Richard Bishop  Oneiric Formulary 

 Skylar Gudasz  Cinema

 SoloS (feat. members of Hella)  SoloS

 SONIKKU  Joyful Noise

 South Haven  Motion

 Sxokondo  Flesh & Sky

 Sylvain Chauveau  Life Without Machines

 Toner  Silk Road

 Trash Heaven  4 Heads For a Crown

 Whitacre  Seasons

 The White Buffalo  On The Widow’s Walk

 Wyldlife  Year of the Snake

 Zelma Stone  Dreamland EP

April 18th (Record Store Day):

April 18th, 2020 is Record Store Day, offering music fans the opportunity to purchase limited edition vinyl, cassettes, and box sets. You can find a complete list of this year’s release here.

April 24th:

— The 1975 – Notes on a Conditional Form

 Acherontas  Psychic Death – The Shattering Of Perceptions

 Alice Bag  Sister Dynamite

 altopalo  farawayfromeveryoneyouknow

 Andy Frasco  Keep On Keepin On

 Angel-Ho  Woman Call

 Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti  The Doldrums (Reissue)

 Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti  House Arrest (Reissue)

 Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti  Worn Copy (Reissue)

 AWOLNATION  Angel Miners & The Lightning Riders

 Axel Rudi  Sign of the Times

 Babylonfall  Collapse

 Bad History Month  Old Blues

 BARISHI  Old Smoke

 BC Camplight  Shortly After Takeoff

 Bec Plexus  Sticklip

 Ben Bostick  Among the Faceless Crowd

 Ben Holmes  Naked Lore

 Between Kings  Young Love EP

 Black Devil  Lucifer is a Flower

 Black Metal Enigma (0)  SkamHan

 Braids  Shadow Offering

 Brendan Benson  Dear Life

 Cassowary  Cassowary

 Chapell  Cinco

— Cirith Ungol  Forever Black 

 Corb Lund  Agricultural Tragic

 Couvo  When This All Ends

 Cyn  Mood Swing EP

 Dance Gavin Dance  Afterburner

 Dark Forest  Oak, Ash & Thorn

 Dätch Mandala  Hara

 Def Leppard  London to Vegas

 Demise of the Crown  Life in the City

 Depeche Mode  Violator | The 12″ Singles

 Destroyed in Seconds  Divide and Devour

 Diners  Leisure World

 DMA’s  The Glow

 The Dodies  It’s One Hell of a Ride

 Elder  Omens

 Elephant Tree  Habits

 Elis Noa  What do you desire?

 Elrichman – Heaven’s Mayor

 Empty Country (Joe D’Agostino of Cymbals Eat Guitars)  Empty Country

 Forever Honey  Pre-Mortem High EP

 Gaygirl  Pleasurehead EP

 Golden Light  Sacred Colour of the Source of Light

 GRID  Decomposing Force

 HAIM  Woman in Music Pt. III

 Harkin  Harkin

 Hazel English  Wake Up!

 Helfró  Helfró

 The Homeless Gospel Choir  This Land Is Your Landfill

 Ian Chang (of Son Lux)  属 Belonging

 Indigo Girls  Look Long

 Jennifer Touch  Behind the Wall

 Jaga Jazzist  Pyramid

 JG Thirlwell and Simon Steensland  Oscillospira

 John Carroll Kirby  My Garden

 Johnny Payne  King of Cups

 Junk Drawer  Ready For the House

 Katatonia  City Burials

 KOJ  Home

 Koki Nakano  Pre-Choreographed

 Kūkahi and the Love Machine  PURE

 LA Priest – Gene

 Laveda  What Happens After

 Leifur James  Angel in Disguise

 Lightning Bug  October Song (Reissue)

 The Lowest Pair  The Perfect Plan

 The Love Coffin  Second Skin

 Lovebites  Electric Pentagram

 Lucinda Williams  Good Souls Better Angels

 Lord Fowl  Glorious Babylon

 Lorenzo Senni  Sacco Matto

 LULLANAS  Before Everything Got Real

 Lux Lyall  VAMP

 Marker Starling  High January

 Marrowfields  Metamorphoses

 Max Bloom (of Yuck)  Perfume

 Michael Abdow  Heart Signal

 Million Lands (feat. Kid Millions and Ben Lanz)  The Ochre World

 Minais B  Quiet Bloom

 Nova One  lovable

 Other Lives  For Their Love

 OTR  Lost At Midnight

 Pam Tillis  Looking For a Feeling

 Pole  1 2 3 (Box Set)

 Rhys Lewis  Things I Chose to Remember

 Ricewine  Lovesick

 Robby Krieger (of The Doors)  The Ritual Begins at Sundown

 Roger Street Friedman  Rise

 Rone  Room With a View

 Rufus Wainwright  Unfollow the Rules

 RVG  Feral

 Sailing Stones  Polymnia

 Sandstorm  Time to Strike

 Siv Jakobsen  A Temporary Soothing

 SOLDATI  Doom Nacional

 Sonny  Union: Integration Of The Shadow

 Stefan T.  Night Shift

 Swallow the Rat  Leaving Room

 Sweet Crude  Officiel//Artificiel

 Talking Book  Talking Book II

 TH/S /S SH/T  ///

 Tilman Robinson  Culturecide

 Tom Misch and Yussef Dayes  What Kinda Music

 Total Fucking Destruction  …to be alive at the end of the world

 Traveler  Termination Shock

 Trivium  What the Dead Men Say

 twst  TWST0001 EP

 Ulcerate  Stare Into Death and Be Still

 Unmerciful  Wrath Encompassed

 Unified Highway  Headlines

— The Used  Heartwork

 VAR  The Never-Ending Year

 Victoria K  Essentia

 Voices of Ruin  Path to Immortality

 Warbringer  Weapons of Tomorrow

 Wares  Survival

 Whim  Abuzz in the Abyss

 White Nights  Into the Lap of the Ancient Mother EP

 Whitney Rose  We Still Go to Rodeos

 Willie Nelson  First Rose of Spring

MAY 2020

May 1st:

 Abrams  Modern Ways

 Aether Realm  Redneck Vikings From Hell

 Alanis Morissette  Such Pretty Forks in the Road

 Alex Henry Foster  Windows in the Sky

 American Aquarium  Lamentations

 Austra  HiRUDiN

 Boston Manor  GLUE

 Caleb Landry Jones  The Mother Stone

 Car Seat Headrest  Making A Door Less Open

 Chicano Batman Invisible People 

 Country Westerns  Country Westerns

 Damien Jurado  What’s New, Tomboy?

 Dark Morph (Jónsi and Carl Michael von Hausswolff)  Dark Morph II

 David V Britton  Qualia

 Desert Storm  Omens

 Diamanda Galás  The Litanies of Satan (Reissue)

 Diet Cig  Do You Wonder About Me?

 Dixie Chicks  Gaslighter

 Drew Daniel (of Matmos)  Shall We Go On Sinning So That Grace May Increase?

 Field Works  Ultrasonic

 Geographer  Down And Out In The Garden Of Earthly Delights

 Ghostpoet  I Grow Tired But Dare Not Fall Asleep

 GroundCulture  How Well Do You Really Know Yourself?

 Hala  Red Herring

 Happyness  Floatr

 Havok  V

 Heather Anne Lomax  All This Time

 Hot Country Knights  The K Is Silent

 Janet Devlin  Confessional

 JARV IS… (Jarvis Cocker)  Beyond the Pale

 Jody Wisternoff  Nightwhisper

 Johanna Warren  Chaotic Good

 JR JR  August and Everything Prior EP

 Kelly Lee Owens  Inner Song

 Laura Cortese & the Dance Cards  Bitter Better

 The Lemon Twigs  Songs For the General Public

 Lorden Oden  My Heart, My Love

 Man Man  Dream Hunting in the Valley of the In-Between

 Mark Allen-Piccolo  Word of the Day

 Markus Floats  Third Album

 Melenas  Dias Raros

 Miro Shot  Content

 Niika  Close But Not Too Close

 Olivia Awbrey  Dishonorable Harvest

 ONO  Red Summer

 Polly Scattergood  In This Moment

 Psy:code  Persona

 The Psychedelic Furs  Made of Rain

 PVRIS  Use Me

 Sam Smith  To Die For

 Samantha Crain  A Small Death

 Slow Dakota  Tornado Mass For Voice & Synthesizer

 Surf Rock is Dead  Existential Playboy

 Surfer Blood  Carefree Theatre

 Suzy & The Lifeguard  ANIMA EP

 Ted Taforo  Between Dreams

 Trrmà  The Earth’s Relief

 V.V. Lightbody  Make A Shrine or Burn It

 Wendy James  Queen High Starlight

 Wild Rivers  Songs To Break Up To EP

May 7th:

 Riz La Vie  Feed EP

May 8th:

 …and Oceans  Cosmic World Mother

 Adeline Hotel  Solid Love

 The Airborne Toxic Event  Hollywood Park

 Aloud  Sprezzatura

 Andrew Hibbard  Andrew Hibbard

 Basalt  Silêncio Como Respiração

 The Blinders  Fantasties of a Stay At Home Psychopath

 The Bobby Lees  Skin Suit

 Burial  Satanic Upheaval

 Buscabulla  Regresa

 Cecile Believe  Made in Heaven EP

 Chelsea Williams  Beautiful and Strange

 Choir Boy  Gathering Swans

 Cold Years  Paradise

 David Haerle  Death Valley

 Deau Eyes  Let It Leave

 Disheveled Cuss  Disheveled Cuss

 Electric Mob  Discharge

 Ellen Starski  Sara’s Half Finished Love Affair

 Endless Forms  More Than Candy

 Erik Hall  Music For 18 Musicians (Steve Reich)

 Eve Owen  Don’t Let the Ink Dry

 Everything But the Girl  Temperamental (Vinyl Reissue)

 Evvol  The Power

 Fire-Toolz  Rainbow Bridge

 Forgotten Tomb  Nihilistic Estrangement

 Forming the Void  Reverie

 Green Carnation  Leaves of Yesteryear

 Hayley Williams (of Paramore) – Petals For Amor

 Holden  Ursa Minor

 Holy Wave  Interloper

 I Break Horses  Warnings

 iT Boy  The Nail House EP

 Ivan & Alyosha  Labor On EP

 Jehnny Beth (of Savages)  To Love is to Live

 Joshua Speers  Human Now EP

 The K.  Amputate Corporate Art

 Kansas Smitty  Things Happened Here

 Kult of the Skull God  The Great Magini

 Lamb of God  Lamb of God

 Lettuce  Resonate

 Mark Lanegan  Straight Songs of Sorrow

 Masaki Batoh  Smile Jesus Loves YOU

 Moviola  Scrape and Cuss

 Naglfar  Cerecloth

 The Naked and Famous  Recover

 Nikki Yanofsky  Black Sheep

 Pantayo  Pantayo

 Past Five  Detox EP

 Radnor & Lee (Josh Radnor and Ben Lee)  Golden State

 Same  Plastic Western

 Shiner  Schadenfreude

 Shortwave Research Group  Fabryka

 Sloth Fist  Live Slow, Die Whenever

 Steve Dawson & Funeral Bonsai Wedding  Last Flight

 Sylvia Rose Novak  Bad Luck

 Tommy Emmanuel  The Best of TommySongs

 Virginia Trance  Vincent’s Playlist

 Vita and The Woolf  Anna Ohio

 Winterfylleth  The Reckoning Dawn

May 15th:

 Aksak Maboul  Figures

 Arthur  Hair of the Dog

 Ashtar  Kaikuja

 Bearcubs  Early Hours

 Biffy Clyro  A Celebration of Endings

 Bloods  Seattle EP

 Bon Jovi  Bon Jovi 2020

 Callum Beattie  People Like Us

 Cayo Coco  A Beautiful Moon EP

 Chatham County Line  Strange Fascination

 Chemtrails  The Peculiar Smell of the Inevitable

 CLT DRP  Without the Eyes

 Declan McKenna  Zeroes

 Devangelic  Erestu

 Goldfrapp  Supernature (Vinyl Reissue)

 Gretchen Peters  The Night You Wrote That Song: The Songs of Mickey Newbury

 Handsome Ghost  Some Still Morning

 Henry Jamison  Tourism EP

 I’m Glad It’s You  Every Sun, Every Moon

 Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit  Reunions

 Jerry Paper  Abracadabra

 Jess Williamson  Sorceress

 Joe Wang  Nite Creatures

 Josef Savant  Modern Anxiety

 King Buzzo (The Melvins’ Buzz Osborne) with Trevor Dunn  Gift of Sacrifice

 Land of Talk  Indistinct Conversations

 Liturgy  H.A.Q.Q. (Physical Release)

 Luke Jenner (of The Rapture)  1

 Luke Rathborne  Again

 Madness  Our House: The Very Best of Madness

 The Magnetic Fields  Quickies

 Mark Fredson  Going to the Movies

 Moses Sumney  græ

 Mourning [A] BLKstar  The Cycle

 Nahko and Medicine For the People  Take Your Power Back

 Non Canon  Non Canon II

 ONR  Must Stop EP

 Pattern-Seeking Animals  Prehensile Tales

 Perfume Genius  Set My Heart on Fire Immediately

 Public Practice  Gentle Grip

 Rose City Band  Summerlong

 Shrapnel  Palace For the Insane

 Sleaford Mods  All That Glue

 Sparks  A Steady Drip, Drip, Drip

 Stinky  Of Lost Things

 Taali  Were You Busy Writing Your Heart Out? EP

 Them Moose Rush  Dancing Maze

 Thomas V. Jäger (of Monolord)  A Solitary Plan

 Travis Denning  Beer’s Better Cold EP

 Vladislav Delay, Sly Dunbar, and Robbie Shakespeare  500-Push-Up

 Voodoo Gods  The Divinity of Blood

 Willie Nile  New York at Night

May 20th:

 machinegum (Fab Moretti of The Strokes)  Conduit (Vinyl Release)

May 22nd:

 Best Ex  Good At Feeling Bad EP

 Bill Nace  Both

 The Blam Blams  Opening Night

 BOYO  Where Have All My Friends Gone?

 Christian Sands  Be Water

 Creeper  Sex, Death & The Infinite Void

 Donny Benét  Mr Experience

 Emily Keener  I Do Not Have to Be Good

 Geezer  Groovy

 Forgive  Mirrors

 Fretland  Fretland

 Hexenbrett  Zweite Beschwörung: Ein Kind zu töten

 High Waisted  Sick of Saying Sorry

 JAMS the Flava Child  Clarity EP

 John-Robert  Bailey Barely Knew Me EP

 Katie Von Schleicher  Consummation

 Kidbug (feat. members of Eerie Wanda, Swans, and Best Coast)  Kidbug

 Kiran Kai  XYZ EP

 Los Cumpleaños  Agua EP

 Marie Dahlstrom  Like Sand

 Marsicans  Ursa Major

 Max  Colour Vision

 Plague Years  Circle of Darkness

 The Prototypes  Shadows

 Putrid Offal  Sicknesses Obsessions

 Reckless Kelly  American Girls

 Reckless Kelly  American Jackpot

 Steve Earle & The Dukes  Ghosts of West Virginia

 Suburban Living  How To Be Human

 Throwing Muses  Sun Racket

 Tim Burgess (of The Charlatans)  I Love the New Sky

 War Cloud  Earhammer Sessions

 Woods  Strange to Explain

 Zola Blood  Two Hearts EP

May 27th:

 Mojo Nixon  The Mojo Manifesto: The Original Album Collection

May 29th:

 Blood Star  The Fear EP

 Bryde  The Volume of Things

 Christian Lee Hutson  Beginners

 The Coronas  True Love Waits

 Creeper  Sex, Death & The Infinite Void

 Doc Watson and Gaither Carlton  Doc Watson and Gaither Carlton

 Hayfitz  Capsules

 Hayley Thompson-King  Sororicide

 Hockey Dad  Brain Candy

 Jack Garratt  Love, Death & Dancing

 Jacknife Lee  The Jacknife Lee

 Jade Hairpins  Harmony Avenue

 Jaime Wyatt  Neon Cross

 The Memories  Pickles & Pies

 New Found Glory  Forever + Ever x Infinity

 Nicholas Merz  God Won’t Save You, But I Will

 Paul McGeechan  Starless

 S.S. Goodman  Old Time Feeling

 Static X  Project Regeneration Volume 1

 Sweet Whirl  How Much Works!

 True Trilla  God of Barz

—  Vistas  Everything Changes in the End

May 31st:

 Reb Fountain  Reb Fountain

JUNE 2020

June 2nd:

 The Rentals  Q36

June 3rd:

 Aquilo  Sober EP

June 5th:

 Courtney Marie Andrews  Old Flowers

 Jessie Ware  What’s Your Pleasure?

 Katie Malco  Failures

 Matt Lovell  Nobody Cries Today

 Momma  Two of Me

 Mt. Joy  Rearrange Us

 No Age  Goons Be Gone

 Ohmme  Fantasize Your Ghost

 Powerwolf  Best of the Blessed

 Sara Rachele  Scorpio Sun

 Sonic Boom  All Things Being Equal

 Wardruna  Kvitravn

June 12th:

 Black Orchid  Semaphore

 Box of Chocolates  Fearful Symmetry (Reissue)

 Deep Purple  Whoosh!

 Drab City  Good Songs For Bad People

 Gone West featuring Colbie Caillat  Canyons

 Henry Green  Half Light

 Paul Weller  On Sunset

 Sammy Brue  Crash Test Kid

 Shape of Water  Great Illusions

 The Silver Field  Sing High! Sing Low!

 Spacey Jane  Sunlight

June 15th:

 Slingbaum  Slingbaum One (Vinyl Release)

June 19th:

 Bad Touch  Kiss the Sky

 John Mulaney & The Sack Lunch Bunch  John Mulaney & The Sack Lunch Bunch OST (Physical Release)

 Zoon  Bleached Waves

June 26th:

 Kansas  The Absence of Presence

 Soccer96 Tactics EP 

JULY 2020

July 10th:

 Mr Ben & the Bens  Life Drawing

 Nobody’s Girl  Nobody’s Girl

July 12th:

 Imaginary People  Alibi

July 17th:

 Guardian of Lightning  Cosmos Tree

 The Stooges  Fun House – 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

July 24th:

 Neck Deep  All Distortions Are International


August 7th:

 Carcass  TBA

August 14th:

 The Levellers  Peace

 Tanya Donelly and the Parkington Sisters  Tanya Donelly and the Parkington Sisters


September 4th:

 MemoCrash  Humanity&Revenant

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