September 13th:

 Moziah  Sweetboy EP

September 14th:

 Extra Medium Pony  Traffic

 Vision Eternel  For Farewell of Nostalgia EP

September 15th:

 Brick  Done Counting My Stars

 Brick Nova  Brick Nova

 Corlyx  Together Apart

 Crowjane  Mater Dolorosa

 Digital Leather  New Wave Gold

 Doley Bernays  The Lobby Tape (Side A)

 JR JR  Swish EP

 Khors  Where the World Acquires Eternity

 Machines All the Way to the Sea  Objects May Be Closer Than They Appear

September 16th:

 KC Ortiz  The Campground EP

September 17th:

 Arcade Messiah  The Host

 Jenny Banai  couchwalker

 Phelimuncasi  Phelimuncasi 2013-2019

 Vōx  The Body EP

September 18th:

 10 Years  Violent Allies

 1782 and Acid Mammoth  Doom Sessions Vol. 2 EP

 7715  Encino EP

 A. Swayze & The Ghosts  Paid Salvation

 AaRON  Anatomy of Light

 Acid Pauli  MOD

 Acres Even  Rose Gold

 al Riggs and Lauren Francis  Bile and Bone

 Alfonso Corace  Fo’s Room

 Ambassador  Care Vale

 American Authors  Counting Down EP

 ANCST  Summits of Despondency

 The Apartments  In and Out of the Light

 Arca  &&&&& (Vinyl Reissue)

 The Archaeas  The Archaeas

 Ariwo  Door to the Cosmos

 Armon Jay (of Dashboard Confessional)  The Dark Side of Happiness

 Ava Max  Heaven & Hell

 Avalon Emerson  DJ Kicks

 Baby Rose  To Myself Deluxe

 Bald Man  Music For the Rest of Us


 Be No Rain  Strawberry Backstory

 Be’Lakor  Of Breath and Bone (Reissue)

 Be’Lakor  Stone’s Reach (Reissue)

 Bear’s Den  Fragments

 Behemoth  And the Forests Dream Eternally EP (Reissue)

 Body Double  Milk Fed

 The Bookends  Calliope

 Brandy  The Gift of Repetition

 Brass Phantoms  Holding Out For Horrors

 Brennen Leigh  Prairie Love Letter

 Bright Light Bright Light  Fun City

 Brother Firetribe  Feel the Burn

 Brutalist  Michael J Fox EP

 Butcher Brown  #KingButch

 Carnation  Where Death Lies

 The Casanovas  Reptilian Overlord

 Chima  Break Knights EP

 Cindy Blackman Santana  Give the Drummer Some

 Color Fields  Pendulum EP

 Conditions  Fluorescent Youth (10th Anniversary Reissue)

 The Cranberries  No Need to Argue (Expanded Edition)

 Cross Bringer  The Signs of Spiritual Delusion

 Dan Weiss Starebaby  Natural Selection

 Daniel Romano’s Outfit  How III They World Is Ordered

 Daufødt  1000 Island

 David Broza  Casa Limón

 Dear Nora  Three States: Rarities 1997-2007 (Vinyl Reissue)

 Death By Dub  Resurrection EP

 Decoration Day  Makeshift Future

 Délage  Twist and Doubt

 Derek Sherinian  The Phoenix

 Dig Nitty  Reverse of Mastery

 Dominik Wania  Lonely Shadows

 Dylan Thomas Griffin  Our Age EP

 Dynfari  Myrkurs er þörf

 Earthquake Don’t Give a Fuck  Earthquake Don’t Give a Fuck,

 Eastwood (Cole Crutchfield of Knocked Loose)  It Never Gets Easy

 Ed Harcourt  Monochrome to Colour

 Eivør  Segl

 El Ten Eleven  Tautology III

 Ellen Andrea Wang  Closeness

 Elliott Brood  Keeper

 Emma Kupa  It Will Come Easier

 Enwretch  Sermon of the Dead

 Faith  Live From CBGB’s

 Fenne Lily  Breach

 Finntroll  Vredesvävd

 Fires in the Distance  Echoes From Deep November

 Fit For A King  The Path

 Fletcher  The S(ex) Tapes EP

 Flung  Shaky But My Hair is Grown

 Flying Colors  Third Stage: Live in London

 Fort Not  The Club Is Open

 Francesco Perissi XO  ROSSANA

 Fred Eaglesmith & Tif Ginn  Alive

 Free Country  The Life of Riley

 Future Get Down  Here We Go, Wonder

 GA-20  GA-20 Live Vol. 1 EP

 Galera  Fai finta che mi ami EP

 Garrett Owen  Quiet Lives

 Gillian Welch  Boots No. 2: The Lost Songs, Vol. 2

 GQ  A Midsummer’s Nightmare EP

 Gus Dapperton  Orca

 Hey Elbow  We Three

 Hiidenhauta  Riivin

 Hollis Parker  Newscapism

 Hostia  Carnivore Carnival

 Ian Brennan  Who You Calling Slow?

 Ian Wayne  Risking Illness

 Into It. Over It.  Figure

 Iress  Flaw

 James Williamson & Deniz Tek  Two to One

 Jealous of the Birds – Peninsula

 Jo Below  Russian Roulette EP

 Joan Osborne  Trouble and Strife


 John Oates & The Good Road Band  Live in Nashville

 Jóhann Jóhannsson  Retrospective II

 Joshua Speers  Summerland EP

 Joyner Lucas  Evolution EP

 Kariti  Covered Mirrors

 Kaze & Ikue Mori  Sand Storm

 Keith Urban  The Speed of Now Part 1

 Kelly Lang  Old Soul

 Kev Sherry  Foxy Orthodoxy

 Killer Whale  Tastes Like Yesterday

 Kingdom  Neurofire

 Knuckle Puck  20/20

 Krosis  Mount of Sacrifice (Reissue)

 L7  Smell the Magic: 30th Anniversary Edition

 LACITTàDOLENTE  Salespeople

 The Last Reign  Evolution

 Lido  Peder

 Little Hag  Whatever Happened to Avery Jane?

 Little Richard  Kind of Rock and Roll (Vinyl Reissue)

 Little Richard  The Rill Thing (Vinyl Reissue)

 Liz Longley  Funeral For My Past

 London Contemporary Orchestra  Giacinto Scelsi “String Trio”

 Love Mansuy  (món-swee) EP

 Low Float  For Your Dreams

 Luca Fogale  Nothing Is Lost

 Luke Laird  Music Row

 Luke Wild  Sunburn EP

 Lumiere  Phases

 MAAHES  Egyptophile

 Mad Wave  Instant Nostalgia – Side A EP

 Manu Delago  Circadian Live

 Matt Berry  Phantom Birds

 Matthew Shipp Trio  The Unidentifiable 

 Max  Colour Vision

 MC Eitht  Lessons

 Mcclendon  Room 33 EP

 Melted Bodies  Enjoy Yourself

 Michel Benita Quartet  Looking at Sounds

 Michi Wiancko  Planetary Candidate

 Midlife  Automatic

 Mike Shinoda  Dropped Frames, Vol. 3

 Milk White Throat  Hiearchy EP

 Mines Falls  Mines Falls

 MJ Gider  Sour Cherry Bell

 Modern Strangers  Dangerous Fiction

 Mondo Generator  Dead Planet (Reissue)

 Monte  Mirla

 Movements  No Good Left To Give

 Mynskh  Chapter 01: Obliterating Perfection

 Naisian  Metal

 Namir Blade  Aphelion’s Traveling Circus

 Napalm Death  Throes of Joy in the Jays of Defeatism

 Nappy Roots  40RTY

 Neil Young  The Times EP

 Nick Faber  The Lost Highway Tapes

 Nick Mason’s Saucerful Of Secrets  Live At The Roundhouse

 Obscura Hail  Siren EP

 OSees (Oh Sees)  Protean Threat

 Ossemaan  DREAM

 Ottone Pesante  DoomooD

 Paul Collins  Another World – The Best Of The Archives

 Pelts  A Little Less Lost

 Peter Bibby’s Dog Act  Marge

 Photo Ops  Pure at Heart

 Pimmit Hills  Heathens & Prophets EP

 Plague Years  Circle of Darkness

 Popcorn Fiend  Distance

 Pram of Dogs  Matter – Anti

 Problem  Coffee & Kush Vol 2

 The Pull of Autumn  Holiday

 Ray Clark  Greatest Hits

 Raven  Metal City

 Reverend John Wilkins  Trouble

 Rich Aucoin  United States

 Richard Reed Perry  The Nest (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

 The Ries Brothers  Paint Your Emotion

 Rosa Tu  Drink All the Wine

 Rose Bonica  Tears for the Tea Maker

 Rudy de Anda  Tender Epoch

 Ryan Hamilton & The Harlequin Ghosts  Nowhere to Go But Everywhere

 Sadistic Embodiment  Blood Spell

 Sarah Davachi  Cantus, Descant

 Saunder Jurriaans  Beasts

 The Savants of Soul  The Savants of Soul

 Serum 114  Im Zeichen der Zeit

 Shabason, Krgovich & Harris  Philadelphia

 Sharp Veins  Armor Your Actions Up In Quest

 Shira  Birds of a Feather EP

 Simone Dinnerstein – A Character of Quiet

 Sinsid  Enter the Gates

 Skittish  Savannah Sessions

 Skofee  Polished EP

 Sly5thAve  What It Is

 Smith Lyle & Moore  EP I

 Sparkle Division (William Basinski and Preston Wendel)  To Feel Embraced

 Speelburg  Porsche

 Spencer Zahn  Sunday Painter

 Stephen Clair  The Small Hours

 Stevie and the Sleepers  Stevie and the Sleepers

 Such Small Hands (The Wedding Present’s Melanie Howard)  Carousel

 SUMAC  May You Be Held

 Sundressed  Home Remedy

 Sunken  Livslede

 Sunship Balloon (feat. members of The Wombats)  Everywhen

 Takuya Kuroda  Fly Moon Die Soon

 Taurian  Taurian

 Teenage Halloween  Teenage Halloween

 Tender Creature  An Offering EP

 Tobin Sprout (of Guided By Voices)  Empty Horses

 Toosii  Poetic Pain

 Trae Sheehan  Postcards from the Country

 Tugboat Captain  Rut

 Tvii Son  Tvii Son

 Uniforms  Fantasía Moral

 Vacation Manor  Thoughts In Progress, Pt. 1 EP

 VARG  Zeichen

 Various Artists  Door To The Cosmos

 Various Artists  How the River Ganges Flows (Sublime Masterpieces of Indian Violin 1933 – 1952)

 Vatican Shadow  Persian Pillars Of The Gasoline Era

 Voracious Scourge  In Death

 Wail  Civilization Maximus

 Warren Wolf  Christmas Vibes

 Wax  Elmira Lane

 Westberg  Boomer Studies

 The White Swan  Nocturnal Transmission EP

 Whose Rules  Whose Rules EP

 Winnetka Bowling League  Congratulations EP

 Yours Truly  Self Care

 Yui Onodera – Ray

 Yusuf / Cat Stevens  Tea for the Tillerman²

 Zach Gill  Cocktail

 Ziggy Marley  More Family Time

 Zoe Graham  Gradual Move EP

September 21st:

 The Bicycle Thief  You Come And Go Like A Pop Song (Vinyl Reissue)

September 22nd:

 Babybird  King of Nothing

 Ossuary Anex  Obscurantism Apogee

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