Jeremy Dutcher - Tiny Desk Concert On NPR

Usually when you see an ipad set up on a piano it is meant for reading lyrics or music. Jeremy Dutcher used his to play a centuries-old wax cylinder recording of a song sung in Wolastoq, an incredibly rare language spoken by less than 100 people today. In the opening track of this performance Dutcher actually sings with his own ancestors, a nearly extinct people, while using modern looping devices and vocal processors in a remarkably artful way. 

Jeremy's 2018 Polaris Prize winning album Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa was one of NPR's top albums of 2018 and was also Bandcamp's album of the day for April 16 2019.

"Dutcher came to create lush compositions which are part pop, part opera, and part electronic sampling of his own elders’ recorded indigenous chants, voices, drums, and even elder Maggie Paul’s voice—all anchored in place by the composer’s soaring, velvety voice. " full review on bandcamp

"What makes the album so uniquely compelling is Dutcher's use of the archival recordings in his contemporary versions of the songs. On opener "Mehcinut (Death Chant)," Dutcher begins with piano and his voice; it is only later in the song that the archival recording of the same song comes in, an old voice joining his young one in song, as if the new version of the song is beckoning the older one back into existence and then lifting it up even higher with Dutcher's tenor." -Exclaim! Review

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