NOFX - Half Album (EP)
Track List: A1 Fake-A-Wish Foundation 1:26 A2 I'm A Rat 2:10 A3 The Queen Is Dead 2:55 A4 The Humblest Man In The World 2:02 A5 The Last Drag 6:10 "The five songs that make up Half Album were intended to be...
DIIV - Frog In Boiling Water
Track List: A1 In Amber A2 Brown Paper Bag A3 Raining On Your Pillow A4 Frog In Boiling Water A5 Everyone Out B1 Reflected B2 Somber The Drums B3 Little Birds B4 Soul-Net B5 Fender On The Freeway "The Brooklyn...
La Luz - News Of The Universe (LOSER Edition/Orange Crush Coloured)
Track List: A1 Reaching Up To The Sun A2 Strange World A3 Dandelions A4 Poppies A5 Good Luck With Your Secret A6 Always In Love B1 Close Your Eyes B2 I'll Go With You B3 Blue Moth Cloud Shadow B4...
Kravitz, Lenny - Blue Electric Light (Indie Exclusive/2LP/Coloured Vinyl)
Track List: A1 It's Just Another Fine Day (In This Universe Of Love) 6:20 A2 TK421 5:27 A3 Honey 3:50 B1 Paralyzed 4:28 B2 Human 4:27 B3 Let It Ride 3:35 C1 Stuck In The Middle 5:11 C2 Bundle Of...
Twenty One Pilots - Clancy (Ltd Ed/Grey & Red Vinyl)
Track List: A1 Overcompensate A2 Next Semester A3 Backslide A4 Midwest Indigo A5 Routines In The Night A6 Vignette A7 The Craving (Jenna's Version) B1 Lavish B2 Navigating B3 Snap Back B4 Oldies Station B5 At The Risk Of Feeling...
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