Miller, Frank - Batman: Year One

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About this graphic novel:


“This is a story no true Batman fan should be able to resist.” —School Library Journal
“A gritty and atmospheric retelling of Batman’s earliest days as told by the author of the seminal Dark Knight Returns (1987). Mazuzuccelli’s art brings a new level of emotional instensity and realistic, muscular action.” —Booklist
Year One worked as a fine piece of urban crime fiction…it was just a bonus that the arc also brought new depth to iconic characters that had been around for nearly 50 years.” —A.V. Club
“[One of] the most influential Batman stories ever told.” —Vulture
“You know that saying, “If you read just one book, this is the one to read”? Well, that applies to Batman: Year One. It’s not only one of the most important comics ever written, it’s also among the best” —IGN
“The best thing that Miller has ever written about Batman is the Batman: Year One.”  —
“This may be the best Batman comic ever.” —io9

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Miller, Frank - Batman: Year One
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