Bodega - Our Brand Could Be Yr Life

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Track List:

A1 Dedicated To The Dedicated
A2 G.N.D. Deity
A3 Bodega Bait
A4 Tarkovski
A5 Major Amberson
A6 Stain Gaze
A7 Webster Hall
B2 Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Drum
B3 Protean
B4 Born Into By What Consumes
B5 Culteral Consumer I
B6 Culteral Consumer II
B7 Culteral Consumer III
B8 City Is Taken

"There is no doubt that Our Brand Could Be Yr Life is the band’s masterpiece; it is the culmination of everything they have been trying to perfect over the past seven years." - Far Out Magazine

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Bodega - Our Brand Could Be Yr Life
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