Bowie, David - Rock 'N' Roll Star

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Track List:

A1 Hang On To Yourself (Early Ziggy Session Take)
A2 Star (Take 5 Alternative Version)
A3 Lady Stardust (Take 1 Alternative Version)
A4 Shadow Man (Ziggy Session Version)
A5 The Supermen (Ziggy Session Version 2023 Mix)
A6 Holy Holy (Ziggy Session Version Alternative Mix)
A7 Round And Round (Alternative Mix)
B1 Velvet Goldmine (Ziggy Sessions Outtake 2022 Mix)
B2 Looking For A Friend (Ziggy Session Version)
B3 It's Gonna Rain Again (Ziggy Sessions Outtake)
B4 Sweet Head (Ziggy Sessions Outtake 2022 Mix)
B5 Starman (Top Of The Pops Version 2022 Mix)
B6 John, I'm Only Dancing (Alternative Trident Studios Version)
B7 I Can't Explain (Trident Studios Version)

"The mother of all rock’n’roll fantasies, The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars, is given all-encompassing deluxe box set treatment." - Rolling Stone

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Bowie, David - Rock 'N' Roll Star
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