Brian Wilson Announces Album of Stripped Down Beach Boys Classics

Brian Wilson has announced a new solo album that will feature stripped down piano versions of some Beach Boys classics. At My Piano arrives November 19th via Decca and will feature new interpretations of  “Wouldn’t It Be Nice,” “In My Room,” “Don’t Worry Baby,” “California Girls,” “Surf’s Up,” “Good Vibrations,” "God Only Knows" and more. 
 Regarding his love for the piano, Wilson shared : “We had an upright piano in our living room and from the time I was 12 years old I played it each and every day. I never had a lesson, I was completely self-taught. I can’t express how much the piano has played such an important part in my life. It has bought me comfort, joy and security. It has fueled my creativity as well as my competitive nature. I play it when I’m happy or feeling sad. I love playing for people and I love playing alone when no one is listening. Honestly, the piano and the music I create on it has probably saved my life.”
 Check out his new take on the classic "God Only Knows" below:

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