Guided By Voices Announce New Album, Share Single

Famously prolific lo-fi indie rock royalty Guided By Voices have unsurprisingly announced a new album.
 La La Land will arrive on January 20th, 2023 and will follow this years Tremblers and Goggles by Rank, Crystal Nuns Cathedral as well as the yet to be released Scalping the Guru which is due October 28th. 
 According to front man Robert Pollard, the new record will serve as a companion to Tremblers... and will continue to "explore a path of diversity in styles and in longer, more adventurous song structures". Yep, sounds like a GBV album.
 Check out the full track list as well as the first single 'Instinct Dwelling' below.
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La La Land:

1. Another Day to Heal
2. Released Into Dementia
3. Ballroom Etiquette
4. Instinct Dwelling
5. Queen of Spaces
6. On the Wheel
7. Cousin Jackie
8. Wild Kingdom
9. Caution Song
10. Eraser
11. Pockets

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