Kirk Hammett to publish new comic book with AMC Networks this year.

Metallica’s Kirk Hammett is set to publish his first comic book, Nights of LonoThe comic, which will launch this year but has yet to receive a firm release date, was announced on Monday (March 1), along with the news that AMC Networks is launching a new book publishing arm, AMC Network Publishing. For Nights of Lono, Hammett, a longtime horror enthusiast, will be teaming up with writing partner Marcel Feldmar. The comic book will be set in 1989 Hawaii, and will explore themes within the supernatural, mystery and adventure genres. 

Following the news of AMC Networks Publishing’s launch and Nights of Lono, Hammett took to social media to say: “Excited to partner with award-winning creatives & companies to further engage [AMC’s] passionate fanbases with the stories & characters they love”. 

Besides Nights of Lono, Hammett is set to provide a foreword for AMC Networks Publishing’s first title, Shudder’s Creepshow: From Script to Scream, alongside Stephen King. Nights of Lono will mark the second book that the Metallica guitarist has written, following his 2012 coffee-table book, Too Much Horror Business, which detailed his horror collection and memorabilia.

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