Rolling Stones are writing new music with drummer Steve Jordan.

Keith Richards has confirmed that the Rolling Stones are working on new music. Speaking to CBS Sunday morning, the guitarist shared that he had been writing with front-man Mick Jagger “last week”, along with drummer Steve Jordan, who began touring with the band following the death of founding drummer Charlie Watts.

The legendary guitarist discussed the process of working with a reconfigured team. “It’ll be interesting to find out the dynamics now that Steve’s in the band,” he said. “It’s sort of metamorphosing into something else.” “We came up with some, eight or nine new pieces of material. Which is overwhelming by our standards,” he added. On their recent creative streak, the guitarist revealed, “Other times, writing songs is like a desert.” “It’s the muse thing, ”the rocker explained. “If I could find her address (laughing).” 

Jagger previously had also acknowledged a new Stones album was in the works. "It sounds good, what we’ve already done," the front-man noted in 2020, adding that they'd "recorded a bunch of tracks" around the same time as stand-alone single "Living in a ghost town"  Click here to check out our Rolling Stones selection.


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