Members of Nirvana, Soundgarden & Pearl Jam Start New Band, Release Album

Nirvana's former bassist Krist Novoselic has joined forces with Kim Thayil and Matt Cameron, (formerly of Soundgarden and Soundgarden & Pearl Jam, respectively) to form new group 3rd Secret. The band also includes Bubba Dupree (Void), Jillian Raye (Novoselic’s bandmate from Giants in the Trees), and Jennifer Johnson.
 If that isn't exciting enough, the band has also shared their debut self titled album, which is available now for streaming on Spotify. A physical release has yet to be announced.
 Check out the full track list below. Additionally, click HERE to browse our Nirvana selection, HERE for Soundgarden and HERE for Pearl Jam!

3rd Secret:

01 Rhythm of the Ride
02 I Choose Me
03 Last Day of August
04 Winter Solstice
05 Lies Fade Away
06 Live Without You
07 Right Stuff
08 Dead Sea
09 Diamond in the Cold
10 Somewhere in Time
11 The Yellow Dress

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