On This Day in 1967 Ed Sullivan Censored The Rolling Stones

53 years ago today Ed Sullivan told The Rolling Stones to change the lyrics to "Let's Spend The Night Together" to perform on his show. The suggested change was 'Let's Spend Some Time Together'. The band complied but an ostentatious Mick Jagger shot the camera a snotty eye-roll while delivering the censored line. This prompted Ed Sullivan to announce that The Rolling Stones had been banned from ever performing on his show again.
Despite the controversy The Stones appeared on the show again in 1969 shortly after guitarist, Brian Jones had passed away.
The first time The Stones were on Sullivan had some controversy of it's own. In 1964 Stones' manager Andrew Loog Oldham, who had worked as a publicist for The Beatles, knew the impact a performance on the show would have.

As Ed went on to introduce the next act, the shrieks from the mostly teenage crowd for The Rolling Stones wouldn’t subside.  The host grew impatient and demanded the audience to “Quiet!” multiple times.  The audience eventually complied and then tried to remain on their best behaviour as they awaited the Stones return through the remaining acts.

The Rolling Stones were back to close the evening’s show with their hit, “Time Is on My Side.”  At the end of the performance, Ed made the mistake of encouraging the audience saying, “Come on, let them hear it!” The young crowd accepted the host’s challenge and ended up screaming so loud that Ed’s short conversation with Mick Jagger was completely inaudible

Below is a telegram The Sullivan show received after The Stones' first appearance in 1964.

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