Spinal Tap II on the Way!

A sequel to Rob Reiner's 1984 all time classic rock n' roll mockumentary This Is Spinal Tap is reportedly in the works. Reiner will be back in the directors chair for the film, which currently has a release date of March 19th, 2024. He will also be reprising his role of fictional director Marty DiBergi, along with a returning cast of Michael McKean, Harry Shearer, and Christopher Guest, portraying Spinal Tap’s David St. Hubbins, Derek Smalls, and Nigel Tufnel, respectively.
 In a statement, Reiner shared:
 "I’m back playing Marty DiBergi. The band was upset with the first film. They thought I did a hatchet job and this is a chance to redeem myself. I am such a big fan and I felt bad they didn’t like what they saw in the first film. When I heard they might get back together, I was a visiting adjunct teacher’s helper at the Ed Wood School of Cinematic Arts. I drop everything to document this final concert."
 The film is still a ways off, but we've already waited nearly 40 years - what's a couple more?
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